Hygienic Pump

Our progressive cavity pumps provide the gentlest pumping action on the market for solids handling, offering minimal product degradation in shear-sensitive applications such as salad dressings and salsas while being able to move suspended solids with minimal damage to products such as diced fruits, vegetables, and soups. Designed to the highest hygienic standards—3-A certification—the robust nature of our progressive cavity pump allows it to handle varying viscosities, including viscous slurries (even over 1,000,000 cps) such as peanut butter, candies, and jam. The positive displacement action of the pump allows for variable speed control for efficient, slow-speed pumping and process control for accurate dosing.

3-A certification
Quick disassembly design for easy cleaning
Non-pulsating, metered flow—ideal for batching processes
No valves to clog, stick, or vapor lock
Transfer solids up to 1-in. (25-mm) diameter
Easy, on-site maintenance—pump features a detachable titanium flexishaft, which allows for easy maintenance and dismantling for cleaning out of place if required
Easy, on-site maintenance
Cost-effectively handle thin liquids such as soups and juices
Handle corrosive applications such as citric acid and vinegar
Provides long service life in abrasive applications such as soybean slurries
Consistently handle entrained air and gases in applications such as yeast and nougat
Reduced the cost of ownership over the pump’s life—you no longer have to replace a complete drive train when a single component is worn, instead replacing the rotor and flexishaft independently when required



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