Oil Filters OF

Oil filters are necessary in combustion systems to provide adequate filtration of particles from fuel oils. The filters in this series are for single-burner applications, or in supply headers for multiple burner applications that require fine filtration.
Features & Benefits:
The DDS, G, and EG series oil filters utilize stacked metal edge plates to trap dirt and other foreign material present in fuel oil on fuel burning installations where a continuous flow of clean fuel oil is essential. This helps avoid the clogging of pumps, oil lines, valves, and burners, reducing burner shut downs
The filters are cleanable without interruption of flow by a single turn of the cleaning handle
A drain is provided for removal of sludge
Maximum operating pressures are: DDS series, 250 psi (1724 kPa) @ 200°F (93°C); G series, 125 psi (862 kPa) @ 200°F (93°C); EG series, 200 psi (1379 kPa) @ 200°F (93°C)



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